Transjakarta, the Bus Rapid Transit System in Jakarta, Indonesia
Funded by Harvard University's Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia, I spent June-July 2011 in Jakarta with Justin Brandon (MUP '12), working with Professor Jose Gomez-Ibanez from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. We were studying how the over-subscribed bus rapid transit system "Transjakarta" could provide a more viable alternative to increased motorbike, car use; and reassess the government's desire to invest in an expensive, politically advantageous, but potentially less effective subway project.  We co-authored this article published by the Harvard Asia Quarterly early 2012:

The Gridlocked Commute: A Study of Jakarta's Transportation Problems; HAQ Vol 13.4 _Winter 2011_.pdf

Supermarket-led mixed use developments in England (Jan 2010-June 2010)
As research assistant at the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), I participated in providing data, photographs and mapping the extent of supermarket-led mixed use developments. I prepared a series of presentations on behalf of the Director of Design Review, Diane Haigh to present to CABE review panels, and at the Building Design conference on Supermarkets in June 2010. This work led to the publication linked below.
Supermarket-Led Mixed-Use Developments