Lingang S&T SD Presentation final cut_6.28.16 from Nick Hornig on Vimeo.

Trailer for Newark Big Plans: how to shape the change in your neighborhood
I have been editing footage filmed by Damon Rich, Chief Urban Planner for the City of Newark, NJ
Password: pathtrain

Alex Krieger, Principal, NBBJ Boston from Nick Hornig on Vimeo.

IIDA OCTOBER 2013 from Nick Hornig on Vimeo.

Old Colony 10 minute Rough Cut from nbbjdesign on Vimeo.
Cut for story arc and content.

All images are placeholders, music is temporary.

Password: colony
This is a rough cut for story arc. To be updated. My roll: facilitating and conducting interviews, co-directing with Julia Welbourne, NBBJ; who shot and edited the footage.

CD 2012 talking heads from Nick Hornig on Vimeo.

 Lessons from Community-led Planning in the South Bronx, New York from Nick Hornig on Vimeo.
Masters thesis project, May 2012

Jakarta, Summer 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia Transportation Vignettes from Justin Brandon on Vimeo.
All footage was taken by Nick Hornig and Justin Brandon during the summer of 2011. We were doing research with Professor Jose Gomez-Ibanez from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Kennedy School of Government on improving the transportation network of Jakarta.

Special thanks also to the Rajawali Foundation that, through its generous donation to launch the HKS Indonesia Program, supported travel and living expenses in Jakarta and the expenses of the Indonesian Transportation Association; and to the British Petroleum Foundation that, through the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School, provided our summer stipends.

Interview with Toh Shimazaki Architects
Role: Editor/ Camera
Filmed in December 2008 with Ruth Schocken Katz, and Kate Goodwin, Architecture Curator at the Royal Academy, London
made for on behalf of the Royal Academy exhibition, Palladio, His Life and Legacy, January 2009
One of a series of five interviews that are intended to position the relevance of Palladio within contemporary architectural discourse.

Aftermath: the barber's scene from Nick Hornig on Vimeo.
Directed, produced and edited with Naomi Shaw, RIBA. Filmed in September 2004.
Filmed in September 2004, edited and directed in collaboration with Naomi Shaw. This sequence of the documentary focuses on the discussion between a barber and his client on what should be built, if anything, at the site of the World Trade Center.

Revealing the Body Electric, Grand Central Station, New York from Nick Hornig on Vimeo.
The opening sequence to my fifth year video dissertation at Cambridge University. Completed in 2000.

Revealing the Body Electric at Grand Central Station, New York
completed as part of my fifth year dissertation at Cambridge University, 2000
This is the opening sequence, setting the scene for a 17 minute piece that chronicles a night in the life of this gateway to New York.